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LinkedIn Intro: Doing the Impossible on iOS

We recently launched LinkedIn Intro — a new product that shows you LinkedIn profiles, right inside the native iPhone mail client. That’s right: we have extended Apple’s built-in iOS Mail app, a feat that many people consider to be impossible. This post is a short summary of how Intro works, and some of the ways we bent technology to our will.

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totally creepy solution.. but cool from a design and tech perspective

How Apple Makes the Mac Pro

What makes Apple fascinating is not that they are using some wiz-bang alien technologies to make things – even here in Portland, Oregon, all the technologies Apple shows in this video are in-practice across numerous local factories. What makes Apple unique is that they perform their manufacturing with remarkable precision and on a scale that is simply astonishing, using techniques typically reserved for the aerospace or medical device industries.

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Apple Just Ended the Era of Paid Operating Systems

Yes, even Microsoft is moving towards the vertical stack. It recently acquired phone maker Nokia and sells its own tablets. But this game of cross-subsidizing the operating system will be tougher for Microsoft, since the company is no Apple when it comes to hardware — and no Google when it comes to online services.

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Why Android First is a Myth

The reality is that platform constraints at the engineering and financing levels tell a much different story. “Android-first” faces structural and financial barriers which are unlikely to be overcome. iOS will remain the primary platform that startups develop for regardless of how much more quickly Android grows share.

via Why Android First is a Myth | steve cheney – technology, business & strategy.

Great Developer and Startup points in the article. Some more key factors not touched on in the article.

  • Constant funny number game with Android in the disparity of shipments vs units sold vs usage in real world.
  • Android is biggest over seas, where most don’t have data plans and quite often don’t have wifi.
  • All usages stats I see from real world apps favor iOS, so what are all these Android devices doing besides sitting on the shelf?
  • Time and again numbers show people pay less and buy less on Android.
  • Most Android devices barely have much of a life past a year, I know/see lots of people actively using iPad1 and 3GS devices.

It’s called a Surface, because that’s the only part guaranteed to work.

So Microsoft rolled out WinRT8.1 to Surface and it was bricking people’s devices. Then they pulled it from the Windows Store. Finally they had to release a recovery image with instructions to copy to usb for people to get access back to their Surfaces (yeah that’s worked awesome in the past). Still no word on when WinRT8.1 will return to the Windows Store.

Now just imagine if Apple did that with the iPad. Fair press coverage indeed.

Romulan Keith Alexander


from a discussion today with an old colleague where we referenced this news item we decided the NSA was a better fit for Romulans than Star Fleet so I present to you:

Romulan Keith Alexander, NSA Chief


Why Does Windows Have Terrible Battery Life?

Instead of the 26% less battery life in Windows that Anand measured in 2009, we’re now seeing 50% less battery life. This is an enormous gap between Windows and OS X in what is arguably the most common form of computer usage today, basic WiFi web browsing. That’s shameful. Embarrassing, even.

via Coding Horror: Why Does Windows Have Terrible Battery Life?.

I know this is boring to most folks.. but it is key.. and Mavericks is going to only widen this gap to Apple’s advantage.

Extracting a Toll From a Patent ‘Troll’

But by one count, more than 60 percent of all patent suits are now filed by non-practicing entities, up from 19 percent in 2006. And that does not count suits that are threatened but never filed because the target agrees to a settlement that would be cheaper than fighting the case.

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Yes it is a problem that is accelerating and needs to be taken care of. The rest of the article briefly touches on a move the Supreme Court is considering, that makes when a patent troll loses they end up paying quite a lot instead of walking away scott-free like they do now.

Marketing good… or Good good?

Marketing good is the McMansion that looks good at an open house but isn’t particularly well built or designed for actual living.

Marketing good is the catalog of gimcracks and doodads that entices the casual shopper but sells stuff that ends up in a closet.

Marketing good is the cover of a magazine decreed by the number crunchers in the newsstand sales group, not the editors and the readers they care about.

Marketing good is sensational or edgy or somehow catchy, but is a service that never gets renewed.

As you’ve guessed, marketing good isn’t actually marketing good, not any more. It’s just junk.

Second and third order recommendations and word of mouth and the way we talk about the things that are “good good” is the new marketing.

Your initial response rate, newsstand sales or first episode ratings are a measure of old-fashioned marketing prowess. Now, we care an awful lot more about just plain good. Or perhaps, if you really want to make an impact, great.

via Seth’s Blog: Marketing good….

Seth get’s it.. Always was this way.. Internet just has a way of accelerating the inevitable

Skully Helmets

Skully Helmets – Lets go for a ride – YouTube.

almost makes me want to buy a motorcycle!