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The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact

Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds?—?no more, no less?—?to write down the most important points. If you always do just this, said his grandfather, and even if you only do this, with no other revision, you will be okay.

Detail is a trap: Precisely because we so often, ostensibly, capture everything, we avoid the hard work of deciding what few things count. So much of excellence is, of course, the art of elimination. And the 30 second review stops you using quantity as an excuse.

via The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact — Sonra Oku — Medium.

Programmers At Work

The finest pieces of software are those where one individual has a complete sense of exactly how the program works. To have that, you have to really love the program and concentrate on keeping it simple, to an incredible degree.


I think most great programmers like to be around other great programmers. When they think up an incredible algorithm, they like having peers who can appreciate the cleverness that went into it, because when you’re creating something like that and you have that model in your mind, it’s a lonely thing. 

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whole interview is great and still relevant

Example of what not to do on a large scale.

MtGox’s Bitcoin node IP address is hard-encoded in the server code, as are SSH keys used to connect to MtGox’s transaction processing server. Anyone who had access to the server running this code could have easily redirected transactions or pillaged the Bitcoin wallets of customers.

via MtGox code posted by hackers as company files for bankruptcy protection | Ars Technica.

WhatsApp is Different

This shows the peak number of monthly active users for a number of services/products over their lifetime. The data is from official sources when possible, otherwise the numbers are reported in press coverage; the methodology for calculating these numbers varies significantly and is often misreported (e.g., total users will be called MAU), but even only with directional data, the differences in scale are still clear.

via WhatsApp is Different | Om Malik.