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Time to Rethink the Newspaper. Seriously.

–…Journalists are still too often picked for their writing capabilities while many other talents are needed.

– Most writers and editors consider their jobs done once the story is filed in the CMS… throwing the story online is actually just the beginning. The ability to cause a news item to reverberate around the social sphere is now as important as being a good writer.

– The same goes for the analytics arsenal. I heard scores of examples in which newsrooms call for more dashboards and indicators, but seldom use them. Editors should be supported by tactical analytics teams (including at the editorial meeting level) that will provide immediate and mi-terms trends, as well as editorial decision-making tools.

via Time to Rethink the Newspaper. Seriously. | Monday Note.

Bentley Ad Shot and Assembled using iOS devices

Intelligent Details – YouTube.

very cool at 3:24 they show how the commercial was shot using an iphone and edited on an ipad… plus love to see the rigs they used around the phones.

How Azure Web Sites Sucked in Production

Strike One: Memory Quota
Strike Two: DB Outages
Strike Three: Phantom HTTP 500 Errors on AJAX

…But when it comes to production environments, having a good night’s sleep would take priority over any productivity boosting feature.

via How Azure Web Sites Sucked in Production | ELEKS Labs.

xkcd: Installing

xkcd: Installing.

Snapchat Admits Its Photos Don’t ‘Disappear Forever’

Snapchat can no longer legally claim that photos sent over its service are “ephemeral,” “disappear forever” and “aren’t saved,” after a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission today

Oops.. did we say forever?

also.. this little gem

But Snapchat did not place a limit on the number of Find Friend requests that any one account can make. The attackers in the 2013 data breach used both these vulnerabilities: They created Snapchat accounts using randomly generated phone numbers, then used those accounts to send Find Friends requests, compiling the 4.6 million user accounts and cell numbers.

via Snapchat Admits Its Photos Don’t ‘Disappear Forever’.

One of the cardinal rules of social media

Let’s remember one of the cardinal rules of social media. Out of 100 people, 1% will create the content, 10% will curate the content, and the other 90% will simply consume it. That plays out on this blog, that plays out in Twitter, and that plays out in most of the services we are invested in.

via The Logged Out User continued – AVC.

iOS dominates business mobile, iPad particularly

The latest quarterly study by business-oriented mobile services company Good Technology continues its general conclusions over the past four years — that iPhone and iPad dominate the enterprise and business mobile tech arena.

via Study: iOS dominates business mobile, iPad particularly | Electronista.

Apple doesn’t sell phones

the truth is that Apple doesn’t sell phones (or computers or tablets); they sell iPhones. And iPhones are not just hardware, but also the software that runs on them. But even that is missing the whole picture. To buy an iPhone is to buy into an experience that includes everything from advertising to following the news to visiting a store to buying a phone to unboxing to downloading apps to visiting a genius and so on and so forth.

via Apple Retail and the Innovator’s Dilemma | stratechery by Ben Thompson.

New Opera Browser

Opera-icon-high-resOpera Browser is now based on chromium and is very very fast, due to some native graphics acceleration tricks. So because it is webkit based you get the nice default dev inspect tools. The extensions available have also seemed to get a nice boost from this change. Plus as an added bonus you can install the “Download Chrome Extensions” extension and use any chrome extension.

Symantec: Antivirus software is ‘dead’

Specifically, Brian Dye claimed in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that antivirus software is “dead”. What’s more – Symantec doesn’t view antivirus software as a “moneymaker” nowadays. He even said such software misses 45 per cent of cyberattacks, meaning Symantec’s own Norton suite currently leaves users vulnerable to attacks.

via Symantec: Antivirus software is ‘dead’ – doesn’t catch half of cyberattacks – Pocket-lint.