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Windows is going as Linux for Halloween!


Post’s privacy story on Apple and how they got it wrong

The Washington Post ran a sensationalistic story this morning that claimed Apple would have user’s location, unique identifying codes and search terms when using Spotlight in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

The function is part of Spotlight search, which was updated with last week’s launch of new Mac computers and Apple’s latest operating system, Yosemite OS X, which also is available for download to owners of older machines. Once Yosemite is installed, users searching for files – even on their own hard drives — have their locations, unique identifying codes and search terms automatically sent to the company, keystroke by keystroke. The same is true for devices using Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 8.

There’s only one problem with the story—it’s not true.

Apple has posted its privacy policies on its Web site, so you can see exactly how they feel about it any time you want.

Known NFC spoofing techniques probably wouldn’t work with Apple Pay

Williams agrees that stolen Apple Pay data would likely be useless. “The use of one-time tokens instead of revealing actual credit card information has the potential to make these intercepted signals useless to attackers. The use of Apple’s fingerprint Touch ID technology adds another layer of authentication to the mix, potentially further frustrating attacks,”

via Known NFC spoofing techniques probably wouldn’t work with Apple Pay | Macworld.

Retina 5K iMac Will Not Act as External Display, Standalone Apple 5K Display Unlikely Soon

As noted by Marco Arment, simple plug-and-play support for 5K external displays over a single cable will need the new DisplayPort 1.3 standard, but that won’t be an option until Intel’s Skylake platform, the successor to the upcoming Broadwell family, is launched.

Doing it right will require waiting until DisplayPort 1.3 in Thunderbolt 3 on Broadwell’s successor, Skylake, which isn’t supposed to come out for at least another year — and Intel is even worse at estimating ship dates than I am, so it’s likely to be longer. […]

I’d estimate — granted, I’m wrong a lot — that Apple won’t ship a standalone 5K display until at least 2016, and it won’t work with any of today’s Macs, including the 2013 Mac Pro.

Arment points out that Dell’s upcoming 5K display uses dual DisplayPort 1.2 cables for connectivity but that no current Macs appear to support the setup and even if they did performance would likely not be ideal.

It’s not a promotion – it’s a career change

The biggest misconception engineers have when thinking about moving into management is they think it’s a promotion.

Management is not a promotion. It is a career change.

If you want to do your leadership job effectively, you will be exercising a vastly different set of skills on a daily basis to what you are exercising as an engineer. Skills you likely haven’t developed and are unaware of.

Your job is not to be an engineer. Your job is not to be a manager. Your job is to be a multiplier.

You exist to remove roadblocks and eliminate interruptions for the people you work with.

The truth of the matter is this: you are woefully unprepared for a career in management, and you are unaware of how badly unprepared you are.

via It’s not a promotion – it’s a career change | Fractional by Lindsay Holmwood.

The State of Desktop Applications in Node.js

Though Node.js is known for being a server-side platform, interest in using it for building desktop applications is growing rapidly. Bindings exist for GUI toolkits such as GTK+, QT and Cocoa. However, one of the advantages of using Node.js for web development is the ability to use the same language on both the server and client.It’s possible to use Node.js together with a web browser shell to develop cross-platform desktop applications–and games using WebGL–using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options available at the moment.

via The State of Desktop Applications in Node.js | NodeSource – Enterprise Node.js Training, Support, Software & Consulting, Worldwide.

News and the Future

Some good points here

  • News is restructuring. If you insist on the same structure as in the past, you will be washed away.
  • The only way for news organizations to exist in the future is to embrace the new writers who do things other than write

via Newsmakers have stories to tell.

PayPal purportedly cut out of Apple Pay due to partnership with Samsung

According to sources, Apple was not pleased with PayPal’s partner choice, with one person reportedly saying, “Apple kicked them out of the door.” Apple ultimately chose to bring payments startup Stripe into the fold, seemingly filling the seat at the table left vacant by PayPal.

The publication claims former PayPal president David Marcus was against the Samsung partnership as it would hinder future operations with Apple, but eBay CEO John Donahoe forced PayPal to accept. The dynamic just got more interesting with news today that PayPal will be spun off from eBay in 2015, possibly opening the door to policy changes and realigned alliances.

Following Apple Pay’s unveiling, PayPal ran an ad that questioned how Apple could offer effective payments security in light of the then-current leak of personal celebrity photos stolen from iCloud.