2015 Web Application Architecture user tips.

2015 Web Application tips for making me and all less annoyed and more likely to continue to use your service.

  • Assume I will be on a mobile device.
  • Assume I will have an Ad and Flash blocker on
  • Never send me email from an unmonitored emailbox.
  • Never let anyone use my email address without sending me a message and having a verification step.
  • Assume I will give you completely fake information unless you provided me something of value.
  • Assume unless your service is directly required for my work, you will be getting my spam email address.
  • Assume I will forget my password and that I don’t care about your password rules.. get me to something better to verify identity.
  • Assume I think all your reviews and feedback are completely made up.
  • Unless you think I want to print something out do not put it in a PDF.
  • I will not sign up to pay you anything on the first visit. Stop selling me, the sooner you show me value, the sooner you will have me as a customer.

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