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On being original

How to find originality in a “networked society” is on my mind, because I have recently come across three individuals who have been original for such a long time. During a conversation for my new art project,, Frank Clegg, a US-based bag maker put it best when he said, “If I make something different, then I don’t really have any competition. Either people like what I do, or they don’t like what I do.” Such a simple statement, but so hard to implement, because many find so much comfort from hiding in the herd.

On being original | Om Malik.

Apple has lost the functional high ground

I fear that Apple’s leadership doesn’t realize quite how badly and deeply their software flaws have damaged their reputation, because if they realized it, they’d make serious changes that don’t appear to be happening. Instead, the opposite appears to be happening: the pace of rapid updates on multiple product lines seems to be expanding and accelerating.

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Software engineers should write

Code and essays have a lot more in common. Both begin as a blank slate and an idea, then end as a discrete product for an intended audience. The product is a sequence of logical statements, bundled into modular units– whether it be functions or paragraphs. Like good prose, good code is concise (think “expressive”). Bad code wastes CPU cycles; bad essays waste brain cycles.

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