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Facebook’s Instant Articles

  • A few items related to Facebook’s Instant Articles announcement that came in the middle of the night.
  • I was briefed on this project last summer.#It got me interested in the Facebook API.
  • People who use Facebook want this. How do I know? When I post full text of stories on FB they read it and comment. When I post a link to my blog post, they still comment, but very often without having read the piece. As a writer I can only take so much of this!
  • The place to put this functionality is in the CMS or blogging tools. If I were FB, I would have gone to the toolmakers first. Made sure there was broad support. Why do they care so much about the big brands? Maybe there’s something strategic about this. Do the big brands really move first, fast, with confidence and innovation? Or are they driven by fear of missing out? Which motivation creates better user experience? (In my experience love is where creativity comes from, not fear.)
  • I was told last summer that they were building on RSS. Of course that’s a good thing, if true. It means that the content could flow not just to Facebook, but anywhere that’s prepared to receive it. This creates many interesting options. In this, Facebook is being a good corporate citizen and Friend to the Open Web (with the qualification that I don’t know for sure if it is true).
  • I have asked for access to the tech now that it’s out, but got rejected!
  • I hope they change their mind.

Source: Facebook’s Instant Articles