4 Reasons Why Music Careers Are Getting Trounced By Tech

That said, you can see how a person that at one time would have considered music as a long term career has bypassed it in favor of tech or finance. While finance is even more restrictive than the music business is at the moment, corporately-speaking, at least the potential rewards are far greater. Tech, on the other hand, provides all the things that used to be so attractive about the music business, like a relaxed atmosphere, flexible working hours and conditions, and workers your own age that you can relate to.

Music is cyclical though, and a total upheaval of the business due to a new trend has occurred many times before. In a flash, music can again offer all the coolness and creativity that it once did in the past, and attract the talent that it so needs to flourish. Let’s hope that such a disruption happens as soon as possible.

via 4 Reasons Why Music Careers Are Getting Trounced By Tech.

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