A Way to Peace in the Adblock War

What we want to block in the online world is the same thing, only here it’s called adtech.

Like junk mail, adtech —

  • wants to get personal,
  • is data-driven,
  • is based on as much tracking as possible,
  • wants to follow you around (thats called “retargeting”)
  • mistakes tolerance for approval,
  • clogs distribution pipes,
  • is mostly litter,
  • cheapens its environment, and
  • wastes time and space in our lives.

Worse, adtech is also a vector for malware and fraud.

Technically, adtech is a form of direct response marketing, which is descended  from the direct (aka junk) mail business, not from Madison Avenue.

The difference is critical, because what we really need to block is  adtech, not all of advertising.

The baby in the adblock bathwater is old-fashioned Madison Avenue advertising, which has paid for nearly all of periodical publishing and commercial broadcasting since their beginnings, and which we have tolerated all that time, and even liked and appreciated in many cases.

Here’s are other likable things about Madison Avenue advertising:

  • It isn’t personal.
  • It isn’t based on tracking you.
  • You know where it comes from.



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