Android is winning the platform race

You get the idea (and the last two were inserted for snarks sake). According to Gartner, for 2014 thus far (per 1000 devices), the sales look like this:

  • Android: 1,168,282
  • Windows: 333,419
  • iOS/OS X: 271,115
  • Other: 660,112

Gartner also predicts that in 2015, Android will outsell Windows by 3.5 to 1. Let that sink in a moment. Android is outselling Windows. No platform has managed to do that until now… and do it in such a crushing fashion.

Furthermore, this doesn’t include Chromebooks. Why do I even bring the newest kid on the block into the conversation? Because Chromebooks are currently outselling both MacBooks and Windows-powered laptops. That means Google-driven platforms are slowly taking over where Microsoft and Apple once reigned as king and queen of the world. This is a gigantic shift in the ecosystem — a shift toward the cloud and a shift toward user-inspired flexibility. The people are speaking and being heard.

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