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Which iPhone Has the Best Battery Life?

The phone that came out on top, however, was the iPhone X, which stayed alive for 9 and a half hours. The 6S Plus (surprisingly) came in second place with 8 hours and 47 minutes, the 8 Plus in third with 7 hours and 46 minutes, and the 7 Plus with 7 hours and 22 minutes.

It’s hard to make any definitive assumptions based on these results, though. While the 6S Plus coming in second was definitely unusual considering it is the oldest phone in our lineup, this entire experiment calls into question which activities and hardware actually drain a battery the quickest.

The iPhone 7 Plus touts a 2,9000mAh battery — the largest battery ever placed in an iPhone — yet it showcased the worst battery life of any device in our lineup. This also brings up questions regarding screen size, since the X was the smallest phone of the lot.

Source: iPhone Battery Test | Which iPhone Has the Best Battery Life? | Digital Trends

Google Chat Trouble with Tribbles

An obvious thought: if Google even looks as though it is positioning this as a way to “kill iMessage”, Apple will never support it, and if Apple doesn’t support it then operators are going to wonder why they’re letting Google screw up their golden goose, and they won’t support it after all. Google can preload it on Android phones, but that’s not “killing iMessage”; it’s “providing an alternative to iMessage”, which WhatsApp and latterly Facebook Messenger have done for years without “killing” iMessage.

Google, seems to be rewriting the Star Trek episode of The Trouble With Tribbles, but with chat apps taking the part of the tribbles.

Source: The Overspill: when there’s more that I want to say | Charles Arthur’s site for links, observations and writing

Personalized Hey Siri – Apple

 Ideally, this transformation can be trained to recognize a user’s instances of “Hey Siri” in varying environments (e.g., kitchen, car, cafe, etc.) and modes of vocalization (e.g., groggy morning voice, normal voice, raised voice, etc.). Our output is then a low-dimensional representation of speaker information, hence a speaker vector.

On each “Hey Siri”-enabled device, we store a user profile consisting of a collection of speaker vectors. As previously discussed, the profile contains five vectors after the explicit enrollment process. In the Model Comparison stage of Figure 1, we extract a corresponding speaker vector for every incoming test utterance and compute its cosine score (i.e., a length-normalized dot product) against each of the speaker vectors currently in the profile. If the average of these scores is greater than a pre-determined threshold (?), then the device wakes up and processes the subsequent command. Lastly, as part of the implicit enrollment process, we add the latest accepted speaker vector to the user profile until it contains 40.

In addition to the speaker vectors, we also store on the phone the “Hey Siri” portion of their corresponding utterance waveforms. When improved transforms are deployed via an over-the-air update, each user profile can then be rebuilt using the stored audio.

Source: Personalized Hey Siri – Apple

My 9.7 iPad (2018) review: Drawn, written, edited, and produced with an iPad

At $329, the iPad offers a low-end tablet experience unlike any other on the market. Add an extra $99 for Apple Pencil, and Apple has created the best device for all-purpose education, period.

But it’s easy to make that claim, and a whole other thing to explain why I believe it so whole-heartedly. As a result, I decided to try and prove it: Starting with a blank page in Procreate, I created an entire iPad review video by just using my 2018 iPad, Apple Pencil, and third-party apps. My Mac came into play only once — when I uploaded my video to YouTube.

Here it is.


Source: My 9.7 iPad (2018) review: Drawn, written, edited, and produced with an iPad | iMore

Apple Park drone pilot thinks company tracking all flights, planning counter-measures [Video]

drone pilot who has been making regular flights over Apple Park says he believes that the company is tracking all flights over the campus, and thinks it’s only a matter of time before counter-measures are used to block future flights …

Duncan Sinfield made the comments in a new video posted today (below), noting that it usually takes Apple security no more than ten minutes to reach him, no matter where his take-off point is.

This is an extended length video, it’s only a matter of time until the campus becomes shut-off to drones completely… with a geo-fence, or something similar. Security at Apple Park generally responds in two white Prius’s to my precise take-off locations in 10 minutes or less.

While this is speculation, my instincts tell me that Apple is tracking all drones in the vicinity of the campus with sophisticated radio frequency technology from companies such as Dedrone (a San Francisco-based aerospace security company).


Source: Apple Park drone pilot thinks company tracking all flights, planning counter-measures [Video] | 9to5Mac

3rd Party Watch Faces

Reference this thread to folks in case they want to complain to you about Apple not allowing custom faces.

Naomi Campbell Jonathan Ive Interview | British Vogue

N: Everything you work on is kept top secret – is it hard not discussing what you’re up to?

J: I don’t really see it as being secretive – if I’m working on something and it’s not finished, I don’t want to show somebody! One of the defining things about the nature of ideas is just how fragile they are: when you’re not sure whether some-thing is going to work, the idea is vulnerable. Part of protecting the idea is to be careful about who you show it to; premature criticism can shut something down that perhaps deserves more of a chance

Source: Naomi Campbell Jonathan Ive Interview | British Vogue

Apple to acquire digital magazine service Texture

Apple today announced it will acquire Texture, the digital magazine subscription service that gives users unlimited access to their favorite titles.

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Apple News meet Paywall

Why Apple Is The World’s Most Innovative Company

What we have that I think is unique is patience. We have patience to wait until something is great before we ship it.

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macOS Server deprecating most of Mac server

These deprecated services will be removed in a future release of macOS Server, so those depending on them should consider alternatives, including hosted services. Deprecated services are listed below. Links to potential replacements are provided underneath each deprecated service.

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • NetInstall
  • VPN
  • Websites
  • Wiki

Source: Prepare for changes to macOS Server – Apple Support

in otherwords don’t depend on macOS for server