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Study: Microsoft Office applications barely used

The firm carried out a 3-month analysis of Office suite use in 51 global firms representing 148,500 employees, revealing that seven out of ten employees weren’t using any single application heavily, launching them only for viewing or light editing.

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Not a Joke! Oh wait crash is a bad term to use here isn’t it?

Microsoft Demos Concept for Windows in the Car – YouTube.

he says this is not a joke this is real we put it in a car.. then seriously 2mins later.. he says when it crashes.. this is why it’s a concept

What if MSFT doesn’t release Office for the iPad?

Tired of waiting for Office to be optimized for their mobile gadgets, a growing contingent of younger companies is turning to cheaper, simpler and touch-friendly apps that can perform word processing and other tasks in the “cloud” – on internet-based systems.

via Microsoft’s $2.5bn question: what if it doesn’t release Office for the iPad? | Tech | The Guardian.

And every day they do nothing, that choke hold loosens.

Apple passing Microsoft

A symbolic moment, this: in Q4 2013 the number of computers* sold by Apple was larger than the number of Windows PC sold globally. If you add Windows Phone to the mix they’re more or less exactly equal.

This is a pretty good illustration of the scale of mobile: Apple limits itself only to the high end of the mobile market but still sells more units than the whole PC industry.

mobile is the next computing platform and it’s a lot bigger than PCs in unit sales, so even the smaller player can overtake the total PC business.

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Chrome OS scroogles Windows 8 in latest update

The new “Metro” mode essentially converts Chrome for Windows 8 into Chrome OS. Just like Google’s full Chrome OS, you can create multiple browser windows and arrange them using a snap to the left or right of the display or full-screen modes.

via Google brings Chrome OS straight into Windows 8 in latest update | The Verge.

Confessions of a Recovering Windows Phone User

(Windows 8, Windows 8 ARM, and Windows Phone) requiring different emulators, with different capabilities and using different sets of reference assemblies with varying  degrees of functionality.  It’s maddening.  Microsoft has got to figure out a “write once, run anywhere” strategy and they need to do it fast.  But I fear it’s probably already too late.

via Eric Shupps: Confessions of a Recovering Windows Phone User.

this is an ongoing problem with all of microsoft, not just for phone but for office apps, and all apps.

The only real innovation that Windows Phone introduces is the UI.  Everything else falls far behind the competition.

When Apple reached parity with Windows

The decision making process for buying computers, which began with large companies IT departments making decisions with multi-year horizons, has changed to billions of individuals making decisions with no horizons. Companies have become the laggards and individuals the early adopters of technology.

The fundamental shift is therefore in the quantity of decision makers and the quality of those decisions. Those who buy are also those who use and their decisions will be perhaps whimsical, maybe impulsive and not calculated, but fundamentally, in the aggregate, wise.

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The Xbox One is like a linebacker in ballet shoes

It seems like every app is another sea of tiles that stretches into off-screen oblivion, so they all blend together.

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this tends to be my problem with the win8 interface as well.

The console dumps a pile of dubious features and half-ideas on you and then expects you to make sense of it all. It does so with such sunny confidence that it’s almost convincing. A confident bullshitter is a bullshitter all the same, though. And at launch, the Xbox One is trying to put one over on you. This is not a finished product.

this seems to be microsoft’s MO as of late

The state of HTML email and CSS

The Campaign Monitor guys did a great breakdown of css support here:

All I have to say is Google you should be ashamed of yourselves at not allowing style tag in the head, in this case you are the problem for most of the crappy email code workarounds.

And Microsoft.. seriously even Outlook 2013 is missing background-image and padding support?

The Ink Framework that the ZURB guys rolled up seems to be one of the only automated ways of dealing with the frankenstein of support, but alas like most frameworks tends to be overly complicated to deal with and debug when things don’t show like they should.

The best approach for now seems to be aware of the CSS support from the link above and don’t use non-supported styles. Write all your css in the style tag in the head.. do your media queries there as well to support some responsive make sure those use the !important tag… then run it through ZURB’s Inliner to move the styles down to be inline on the html tags directly (for gmail support)

Why I’ve all but given up on Windows

My experience of Windows on tablets closely resembles that of my ZDNet colleague James Kendrick. Bottom line, they let me down too much to want to bother with them. Why would I trade a reliable iPad or Android tablet for an unreliable Windows 8.1 tablet? Why trade a tablet that just works for one that regularly sends me on quests, roaming the Internet looking for the right elixir to fix the system?

Any hopes I had that x86 versions of Windows would be more stable on tablets have gone. In fact, in my experience, the user experience is worse. Sure, most of the time the problem comes down to a rogue drivers or a configuration thrown out of whack, but a problem is still a problem, and these are problems I don’t experience with iOS or Android.

Bill Gates was right, there was a market for tablets. Unfortunately, most of those tablets would be powered by operating systems made by Apple and Google. But then, Apple and Google didn’t try to shoehorn a desktop operating system onto tablets.

Windows RT is certainly a better choice for tablets, but that’s because what you have is the illusion of Windows, rather than the real thing. If Windows RT had come out at around the same time as the iPad, and the software ecosystem matured at the same pace, then Windows RT would be a real contender, but as it stands right now there’s little reason to choose it over iOS or Android.

via Why I’ve all but given up on Windows | ZDNet.

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