Chrome Extensions

What’s running in my browser on a daily basis

  • FlashBlock – Seriously saves me from the blight of flash and it trying to kill my browser or spike my cpu
  • JsonView – Makes JSON output readable.. no idea why this is not just a built in feature
  • XV XML Viewer: Same as above.. but for XML output.. a lifesaver when working with WebServices
  • Prowl: this one is a little more complicated, but you need a prowl account and the prowl iPhone app but once it is all setup what you acheive is the ability to highlight text or url hit a button on your Chrome toolbar and that info is pushed to your iPhone like magic.. no more typing
  • Download Station: again this one needs another piece. This connects to my Synology NAS and with a single click i can have my NAS download images, video, files directly.
  • Pendule: this one is not a necessity but is a nice to have, adds a few missing features that i wish were in the built in inspector, like screen sizing and view source for selection only, file validators.. really just timesaving shortcuts
  • RSS Subscription: Again in the category of why is this just not built in, a quick way to add rss feeds to my Google Reader, but i have noticed at times this is not a very efficient extension.. could use some bug cleanup as few exist in certain scenarios but the benefit outweighs the downside for me.

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