The Web OS is Already Here…

In order to understand why the integration of the Web browser within the World’s most popular native applications is evidence a Web OS is already here, we have to invert our understanding of an operating system.

Instead of thinking about the OS as a shell or container within which applications live and run, we need to think of it as the internal connective tissue that all apps share -working inside out of every app instead of outside in.

Let me restate that simply. The Web (browser) is inside of every application instead of every application being inside the Web (browser).

The later is the Chrome OS model. The former is what’s happening right now. This creates enormous opportunities for Web content and interactions (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to be accessible not only in Web browsers (which as we saw are available on nearly all platforms and used a lot) but within every native application as well.

Source: LukeW | The Web OS is Already Here…

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