Negotiations (Ad Blocking)

Many content providers (horrible term, but it’s useful) are squarely targeting the mass audience who desire only momentary distractions. That means low-value content that’s usually not unique, and that means there’s no credible monetary value proposition for the reader. Thus, passive monetisation is needed, in the form of ads – which only erode the reading experience, and indeed further damage any sense of the content’s own value.

When it then comes time for the reader to make a decision about continuing to visit the site in the face of aggressive advertising and blocker-blocking, well… it’s an easy choice. You just go somewhere else instead.

Ad-serving sites are being faced with a crisis entirely of their own making. They defined their own value – and their terms of engagement – right from the start.

Now, as ever, those assumptions are coming back to bite them.

Source: Negotiations – Matt Gemmell

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