One Professional’s Look At The New MacBook Pro

What I read online seems to be “Professionals” (those guys), telling me it’s not Pro at all, not Pro enough or not the right kind of Pro. How many of these people have even touched the new devices? Very few.

I’ve been using the new 15” MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar) for the last week or so for actual work, so here’s my “Professional” opinion.

And last but not least. This is a laptop. It’s not an iMac. It’s not a MacPro. The lack of updates to those Macs shouldn’t be colouring the opinion of this Mac. The absence of clarity from Apple on those other devices is a problem, but it’s a whole different conversation. Would we have seen this level of negativity towards the MacBook Pro if the others had also been updated? Probably not.

Which brings me to the ports, (or the dongles, if that’s the way you choose to frame it). I feel the same about this as I did losing DVD, firewire 800 and Ethernet on my 2012 Retina MacBook Pro four years ago. It might be a slight annoyance for six months and then I’ll be in the future again.

A ‘Professional’ should be defined by the work they deliver and the value they bring, not their gear. Use the new MacBook Pro, don’t use the new MacBook Pro. Your audience don’t care. You just have to keep making great work however you can. For me, I love it and I think most people will do too… once they actually touch it.

Source: One Professional’s Look At The New MacBook Pro | The Huffington Post

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