overcome command-line bullshittery

I’ve spent the past decade mostly leading my own research projects. This meant that I did the majority of the command-line bullshittery and programming to produce the results that led topublications, especially ones where I was the first author. In short, I’ve gotten very, very, very good at command-line bullshittery. However, I’m now transitioning into the role of an advisor whose job is to mentor students on their research projects. This means that my students (not me) are now doing the programming required to produce my research group’s publications.


…There is a huge disconnect between the elegant high-level ideas discussed on the whiteboard (while presumably sipping cappuccinos) and the grimy, grungy, terrible command-line bullshittery required to set up a computing environment suitable for implementing those ideas in code. This gulf of execution is tremendously frustrating for highly-capable and motivated students who just didn’t happen to spend 10,000 hours of their youth wrestling with nasty command-line interfaces.

Source: Philip Guo – Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery

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