Rudderless Microsoft

I’m a little surprised at the relative lack of concern over the fact that Microsoft is effectively leaderless right now. Part of this is because so many thought it was time for Balmer to go. But think of the amount of virtual ink that has been spilled pondering the oh-so-concerning “news” that Tim Cook (are you sitting down?) is not, in fact, Steve Jobs.

Meanwhile, Microsoft doesn’t even have a CEO.

via Rudderless Microsoft « John Moltz’s Very Nice Web Site.

Uh-oh people are starting to notice.. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!

also a reference in the article to the quote that taught me to never ever listen to anything Gartner or pretty much any other analyst has to say, a strategy which has done very well for me.

Increasing component costs and pressure to cut its prices mean Apple’s best bet for long-term success is to quit the hardware business and license the Mac to Dell, analyst firm Gartner claimed on Tuesday.

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