Stupid is as Stupid does: Retailers Are Disabling NFC to Block Apple Pay

Think about what they’re doing. They’re turning off NFC payment systems — the whole thing — only because people were actually using them with Apple Pay. Apple Pay works so well that it even works with non-partner systems. These things have been installed for years and so few people used them, apparently, that these retailers would rather block everyone than allow Apple Pay to continue working. I can’t imagine a better validation of Apple Pay’s appeal.

And the reason they don’t want to allow Apple Pay is because Apple Pay doesn’t give them any personal information about the customer. It’s not about security — Apple Pay is far more secure than any credit/debit card system in the U.S. It’s not about money — Apple’s tiny slice of the transaction comes from the banks, not the merchants. It’s about data.

via Daring Fireball: Retailers Are Disabling NFC to Block Apple Pay.

would also add.. CurrentC their stupid alternative has lost already.. they just can’t / don’t want to accept it yet

ultimately what these retailers are fighting is they hate the credit card fees, but that is not going to go away no matter how hard they try at this point.

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