The Apple Enterprise Invasion

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the results is that Windows is no longer the platform of choice in the enterprise with users overwhelmingly preferring Macs. User preference is the top reason given by IT administrators as to why their organization supports Macs with 73 percent of IT administrators identifying it as the main driver.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that the study found that 66 percent of businesses are already using Macs in the workplace today. But as we all know, end-users will work around corporate IT if they don’t get their way but the study found that a large majority of companies – more than 70 percent – officially support Macs as a corporate endpoint.

In addition, Windows PCs clearly have a perception problem with the top three justifications from employees for wanting a Mac being:

  • Macs are easier to use (73 percent)
  • Macs are cooler (52 percent)
  • The Mac display is better than Windows (42 percent)

via The Apple Enterprise Invasion | VMware End-User Computing Blog – VMware Blogs.

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