The ComiXology Outrage

Amazon is a store owner in a mall who isn’t paying rent to the mall owner. And anti-Apple deniers think that’s fair, why? Because they just don’t like Apple making a “greedy” profit. But it’s okay for Amazon to make that same “greedy” profit while taking advantage of a loophole in Apple’s deal with developers. To me, this is blatant hypocrisy or blind economic naïveté. But believe me, Jeff Bezos knows exactly what he’s doing: he’s screwing Apple, and he’s screwing the future of comic books. If you let him get away with it because of some bizarre anti-Apple bias, you’re screwing yourself, too.

Again, why is this a big deal? So what if the iPad digital comic experience takes a hit, there are other hardware platforms, right? What about Android tablets?

Leaving the quality of the technology aside (pro or con), the fact is that at least 80% (probably more depending on your source) of all mobile digital purchases occur on the iPad or iPhone platform. In other words, if you’re a publisher you want your books easily accessible on the Apple platform because that’s where the money is, that’s where your readers are. Comixology just made that more difficult. And there will be consequences.

via Gerry Conway: The ComiXology Outrage |

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