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HTML5 Libraries

One of the cooler things to happen with the advent of HTML5 was, the community took it upon themselves to start making some great libraries to fully take advantage of not just HTML5 but CSS3 features as well. They also started wrapping the DOM layer for all of these into some nice libraries similar to those that have been available to Desktop UI programmers for a long time. Now I have always been of a fan of libraries that are able to accomplish this in a lightweight, flexible and easily understandable fashion. I’m sure we will list more of these in the future but here are a few that started popping up on our radar lately, that are just that right mix of fun for geeky web designers.

  • – Bootstrap is a complete UI framework for modern browsers built by the folks from Twitter. Amazing what can be done in 21k
  • – LimeJS is a HTML5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touchscreens and desktop browsers.
  • – DHTMLX Touch is a free open source JavaScript library for building HTML5-based mobile web apps.
  • – Spritebox is a WYSIWYG tool to help web designers quickly and easily create CSS classes and IDs from a single sprite image.
  • – Ember is a JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications by eliminating boilerplate and providing a standard application architecture.
  • – jQuery.spritely is a jQuery plugin for creating dynamic character and background animation in pure HTML and JavaScript.
plus a few cool bonus eye candy effects

Chrome Extensions

What’s running in my browser on a daily basis

  • FlashBlock – Seriously saves me from the blight of flash and it trying to kill my browser or spike my cpu
  • JsonView – Makes JSON output readable.. no idea why this is not just a built in feature
  • XV XML Viewer: Same as above.. but for XML output.. a lifesaver when working with WebServices
  • Prowl: this one is a little more complicated, but you need a prowl account and the prowl iPhone app but once it is all setup what you acheive is the ability to highlight text or url hit a button on your Chrome toolbar and that info is pushed to your iPhone like magic.. no more typing
  • Download Station: again this one needs another piece. This connects to my Synology NAS and with a single click i can have my NAS download images, video, files directly.
  • Pendule: this one is not a necessity but is a nice to have, adds a few missing features that i wish were in the built in inspector, like screen sizing and view source for selection only, file validators.. really just timesaving shortcuts
  • RSS Subscription: Again in the category of why is this just not built in, a quick way to add rss feeds to my Google Reader, but i have noticed at times this is not a very efficient extension.. could use some bug cleanup as few exist in certain scenarios but the benefit outweighs the downside for me.

Programming for Kids

I get asked a lot about ways my friends kids can learn programming and if there are any tools out there to help them, so here is my list.

and this one is just for if you have an old windows xp box laying around and someone wants to dabble.

Online IDEs