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Jolla & Sailfish OS

Jolla – we are unlike.

yes.. more please.. This is the former Nokia folks.

Pegman.. meet Clippy

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 3.46.03 PM

Just in case you were unsure if Google had finished it’s transformation into being the new Microsoft… Let me introduce you to Clippy.. er Pegman!


Social media is making us anxious and paranoid—so why can’t we stop using it?

“Humans are constantly scanning, constantly receptive to and looking for whatever they can perceive about each other, for whatever is put out there.” Eavesdropping is a very human action, and people are resourceful at combining information from disparate sources to create a “bigger picture” of social activities. This picture is augmented by information provided on social media sites like Twitter or Flickr.

via Social media is making us anxious and paranoid—so why can’t we stop using it? — Medium.

Apple Has Twice The Global “Ad Impression Share” Of Android

Unless the sample of impressions that Adfonic is seeing globally is somehow distorted or not reflective of the broader market, it’s very hard to explain why Apple is so dominant. I’d love to hear any theories.

via Apple Has Twice The Global “Ad Impression Share” Of Android.

Easy.. most people with Android phones went to the phone company got the new cheap phone.. It happened to be Android, they don’t know or care, they want it to SMS and Call people, they didn’t use the calendar on their old Nokia and probably will never install an app on this one either.

Android is Eating the World and other Lies

There is no single unified Android codebase which is dominating the world. There is no single Android app store, there is no single Android ecosystem. What does exist is a vast array of different platforms and different ecosystem running this underlying kernel called Android.

Where I think the confusion in the Android is eating the world narrative exists is the line of thinking that Google = Android. That every bit of the Android is winning narrative is a narrative that benefits Google. This view represents a clear mis-understanding of Android and what it is and why it exists.

via Android is Eating the World | Tech.pinions – Perspective, Insight, Analysis.

and my favorite line

There is only one company in the market right now that does not need platform assistance from a third party. That is Apple. Every other hardware company needs a third party to provide them with software to run on their hardware.


Winner of 2013 People’s Choice and 2012 Critic’s Choice for Best Open Source CMS, MODX is a powerful and flexible content management system that molds itself to your design.

via Web Content Management, Content Management System, PHP Application Framework, Content Management Platform, and More… | MODX.

I haven’t used it yet, but looks interesting and very powerful. Shares some similarities to (but not nearly as polished as) Sitefinity which I loved. And WordPress is an okay CMS, but on topic I was impressed with the MotoPress add-on for making it a better CMS.

Airport Extreme Flaw.. Guest Network and Bridging

When an Airport router is in bridge mode, the guest network will only work if DHCP and NAT for that bridged Airport is being provided by another Airport router.

So if DHCP for your network comes from some other router, that router will simply not see your guest network.

That’s just how it works.  There are inherent technical reasons for this, as the guest traffic is isolated from the rest of your network (using VLAN 1003).

via guest network does not work when…: Apple Support Communities.


Continuous Integration for iOS Development

We can set up Continuous Integration (CI) to complete these tests for us. If all tests are passed then we automatically upload to Hockeyapp for our testers to download. In this blogpost Ill take you through the process of setting up a CI pipeline for iOS.

via Continuous Integration for iOS Development | Made by Many.

A cool breakdown of how to setup CI for iOS

Long Shadow iOS7 – I love this idea

Sanat Rath — Long Shadow Love: iOS 7 icons redesign.

would be cool to see this moving shadow concept replace the parallax effect

Chrome Min Width Changed to 320

Glad to see Google lets it shrink down to 320px by default now, helps a lot for us folks doing responsive design hit those iPhone web layouts.