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If you don’t actively fight for simplicity in software, complexity will win, and it will suck.

If you don’t actively fight for simplicity in software, complexity will win, and it will suck.

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Google reveals its real face: unfocused, unoriginal and a little bit evil

Google’s keynote presentation at its I/O developer’s conference today offered a revealing picture of the company itself: meandering, unfocused, copycat and just a little bit evil.

It looked great. I’d love to buy into it. It made Google look inclusive, altruistic and forward-thinking.

By contrast, Apple’s executive team looks like the villains in Elysium, building beautiful but exclusive gadgets for the rich in a floating space station.

But as Google protesters point out, it’s all an illusion. Google doesn’t really care about the world’s poor — it’s aggressively trying to grow its data-collection platform to sell more ads. Not that some good can’t come of Google’s expansionist plans: Android One and other initiatives will likely continue to bring Internet access and services to more and more people around the world, but ad revenue is the bottom line.

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Mobile Web is the first experience with your brand

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“The Web is everywhere,” Irish said. “Interoperability is the beautiful thing that has let the platform flourish.”

Mobile devices account for an ever-larger proportion of Web traffic. Screenshot from Stephen Shankland/CNET

And he exhorted developers to focus on their mobile Web sites. Even if they’d rather devote resources to apps for Android and iOS, many people often first encounter a company over the Web.

“The mobile Web is often the first experience new users have with your brand, and you’re on the hook for delivering success to them,” Irish said. And mobile usage is increasing steadily, rising from essentially none to about 30 percent of the global Web traffic today, he said.

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Why Asynchronous?

Node.js is one of the first platforms to clearly expose the distinction between I/O and everything else. I/O is treated differently under the hood and is properly exposed through to platform primitives. When working with Node.js, the programmer is rightly forced to see I/O as a separate class of operation.

In other languages and platforms, you can pass off I/O to separate threads or perform non-blocking I/O, but you have to go out of your way to do this. In Node.js this is a core platform feature and should be embraced.

When it comes to speed, compiled languages may have the benefit of being “closer to the metal”, the JVM may be a highly performant beast, but Node.js is fast because programmers are forced to write fast programs by not introducing blocking I/O to the program flow.

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Highest-Paid CEOs Are The Worst Performers

Across the board, the more CEOs get paid, the worse their companies do over the next three years, according to extensive new research. This is true whether they’re CEOs at the highest end of the pay spectrum or the lowest. “The more CEOs are paid, the worse the firm does over the next three years, as far as stock performance and even accounting performance,”

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Cyber Extortion Attacks on Tech Companies Grows

Among the businesses targeted in the initial wave of attacks were Vimeo, the video-sharing company; Meetup, a company that connects groups offline; Basecamp, a project management software company;, the link-shortening service;  Shutterstock, the stock photography agency, and MailChimp, the email marketing provider. In nearly every case, the amount demanded was typically low, in the $300 range. And in some cases, one security consultant said, the victims paid the ransom.

Among the companies targeted in just the last month have been Feedly, a service that aggregates web content; Evernote, the productivity service; and Moz, which makes marketing analytics software. On Thursday, Move, a San Jose, Calif. start-up that provides online real estate services, was added to the list.

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What Twitter Isn’t Telling You About GIFs

It appears that on upload, Twitter is converting the GIF to an MP4 and embedding the video instead. Why would they do such a crazy thing? Well, size and control.

GIFs are terrible at compression. The original GIF above is 500kb while the mp4 version is only 100kb. A GIF is literally a sequence of independent images squeezed into the same file. An mp4 video can take advantage of all kinds of fancy compression techniques like keyframes and forward-predictive frames.

If most of your users are on mobile, this is a huge win. Even desktop users will notice better performance on a page with many GIFs.

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I’m Just Now Realizing How Stupid We Are

I’ve learned that short-term thinking is at the root of most of our problems, whether it’s in business, politics, investing, or work.

I’ve learned that debt can cause more social problems than some drugs, yet drugs are illegal and debt is tax deductible.

I’ve learned that finance is actually very simple, but it’s made to look complicated to justify fees.

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falls right in line with what i have learned over the years

Winner is the one that is just Good Enough

How Sony’s Betamax lost to JVC’s VHS Cassette Recorder – YouTube.

St. Paul schools to deliver iPads to all students

But the district and Dell, its partner in the project, have failed to develop a customized platform that could serve students and teachers “directly enough or quickly enough,” Silva said. That work has been halted — with Dell agreeing to refund the $665,000 it has been paid in the form of future technology upgrades.

Matt Mohs, the district’s chief academic officer, said Friday that efforts to meet a 2014-15 platform rollout were ramped up this spring and that it became apparent that “we weren’t going to get what we wanted and what we expected, and likely weren’t ever going to get what we wanted and expected.”

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They finally gave up on their “Dell Tablet” folly and gave them iPads… good choice