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All Mobile Apps Expand Until…

Every mobile app attempts to expand until it includes chat. Those applications which do not are replaced by ones which can.

a mobile social network looks more like a combination of chat & photo sharing

via LukeW | All Mobile Apps Expand Until….

Learn from the losers

Tim Harford — Article — Learn from the losers.

In 1943, the American statistician Abraham Wald was asked to advise the US air force on how to reinforce their planes. Only a limited weight of armour plating was feasible, and the proposal on the table was to reinforce the wings, the centre of the fuselage, and the tail. Why? Because bombers were returning from missions riddled with bullet holes in those areas.

Wald explained that this would be a mistake. What the air force had discovered was that when planes were hit in the wings, tail or central fuselage, they made it home. Where, asked Wald, were the planes that had been hit in other areas? They never returned. Wald suggested reinforcing the planes wherever the surviving planes had been unscathed instead.

It’s natural to look at life’s winners – often they become winners in the first place because they’re interesting to look at. That’s why Kickended gives us an important lesson. If we don’t look at life’s losers too, we may end up putting our time, money, attention or even armour plating in entirely the wrong place.

The rise of AdBlock

The rise of ad blockers is the offspring of two major trends: a continual deflation of digital ads economics, and the growing reliance on ad exchanges and real-time bidding, both pushing prices further down.

via The rise of AdBlock reveals a serious problem in the advertising world – Quartz.

i would also add a few other large reasons a lot of people install adblockers:

  • page loads better without crappy ad sdks
  • disables ad tracking
  • ads destroy the layout on most sites

From Open Unlimited to Minimum Vacation Policy

Vacation is cheaper than severance and training.

via paperplanes. From Open Unlimited to Minimum Vacation Policy.

The right way to ask users to review your app

If you have to ask “will this annoy users?” the answer is always yes.

via The right way to ask users to review your app — Circa — Medium.

The Most Valuable Skill Every Recruiter Overlooks

Sometimes a manager is organized, intelligent, and all around a great person, but they want to TALK IT to success. You can’t talk something to a result. You need to step back, shut your mouth, and listen. In the moment you may feel the need to talk and bring explanations and ideas, but in that moment, your silence is crucial.

Every employee you hire should be willing to listen. No one ever solved a problem by themselves. Bottom line: this is the single most important thing you can hire for in your company. Fill your walls with compassion and the humanity will follow

via The Most Valuable Skill Every Recruiter Overlooks — The Entrepreneur’s Journey — Medium.