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What do Samsung employees think of Apple design?

Many of my coworkers consider Apple to be just a hype builder. Most of the time they don’t want to give credit to Apple engineers. But on the other hand, there are a small number of Apple users working in Samsung. We appreciate the quality of their ecosystem and the beauty of hardware-software integration.

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Others are starting to notice Chrome’s downfall

Add in frequent crashes—of Chrome on the whole, or just the Flash player—lock-ups, and a half-dozen tabs that auto-open on launch thanks to the dozens of extensions I’ve accumulated over the years, and I’ve had enough. I’ve been trying to optimize for months—I installed Flashblock, I disabled Hangouts and other cruft—and yet still things have still gotten markedly worse. I just can’t take it anymore.

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2015 Web Application Architecture user tips.

2015 Web Application tips for making me and all less annoyed and more likely to continue to use your service.

  • Assume I will be on a mobile device.
  • Assume I will have an Ad and Flash blocker on
  • Never send me email from an unmonitored emailbox.
  • Never let anyone use my email address without sending me a message and having a verification step.
  • Assume I will give you completely fake information unless you provided me something of value.
  • Assume unless your service is directly required for my work, you will be getting my spam email address.
  • Assume I will forget my password and that I don’t care about your password rules.. get me to something better to verify identity.
  • Assume I think all your reviews and feedback are completely made up.
  • Unless you think I want to print something out do not put it in a PDF.
  • I will not sign up to pay you anything on the first visit. Stop selling me, the sooner you show me value, the sooner you will have me as a customer.

Seth’s Blog: Is Google making the web stupid?

If you’re a content provider, the shift to mobile, and to social and the shift in Google’s priorities mean that it’s worth a very hard look at how you’ll monetize and the value of permission (i.e. the subscribers to this blog are its backbone). And if you’re Google, it’s worth comparing the short-term upside of strangling the best (thoughtful, personal, informed) content to the long-term benefit of creating a healthy ecosystem.

Here’s the key question: Are the people who are making great content online doing it despite the search regime, or enabled by it?

For the first ten years of the web, the answer was obvious. I’m not sure it is any longer.

And if you’re still reading this long post, if you’re one of the billions of people who rely on the free content that’s shared widely, it’s worth thinking hard about whether the center of that content universe is pushing the library you rely on to get dumb, fast.

Seth’s Blog: Is Google making the web stupid?.

Apple is worth how much?

Valued at $733 billion at the start of trading today, Feb. 12, Apple is worth more than:

  • The gross national product of Switzerland ($685 billion)
  • The entire Spanish stock market ($664 billion)
  • Google ($365.46 billion) and Microsoft ($349.89 billion) combined
  • Four Apollo Space Programs (total $680 billion)
  • Twenty National Football Leagues (total $653 billion)

Earlier this week, Apple became the first U.S. company to be worth $700 billion.

Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard

Once you’ve become comfortable debugging, your biggest problem becomes the fire hose of required knowledge and a total loss for how to learn it all… the Desert of Despair. In this case, what you really need is a strong path forward. The Mirages of Mania represent all the interesting side paths and rabbit holes and get-skilled-quick schemes which ultimately waste your time.

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iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use Twice as Much Data as iPhone 6 Owners

iPhone 6 Plus Owners Use Twice as Much Data as iPhone 6 Owners - Mac Rumors

iPhone 6 Plus subscribers generate the most data volume, double that of an iPhone 6. This increase impacts subscribers when choosing a new device — be careful to select a data plan that matches your super-sized screen.

Clearly the phablet sized iPhone 6 Plus shows data usage patterns more akin to tablet usage. For mobile operators, this increase provides an opportunity to shift subscriber Wi-Fi usage towards mobile networks.

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Raspberry Pi 2 camera flash glitch turns off

Early customers of the Raspberry Pi 2 have been testing it out – and they’ve found a pretty strange problem with it.

It turns out that if you try and take a photo of the Raspberry Pi 2 using a certain type of camera, it crashes and turns off.

What’s going on here is pretty weird. Any cameras with a Xenon flash trigger a reaction in a chip on the Raspberry Pi. One of the chips on the exposed computer’s circuit board seems to be sensitive to light and poorly shielded, so when the camera’s flash triggers, it causes the entire device to crash.

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