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Getting off Mac Betas

There’s button in the App Store settings of System Preferences that lets you opt out of updates. The problem is that button doesn’t do anything if you’ve already checked for updates. This is very likely to happen since the first thing most people do after installing the new OS is open the App Store.

To turn off beta updates I first quit the App Store app and checked that there was a beta seed URL for Software Update using the Terminal:

$ sudo defaults read \
    /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

I then nuked it:

$ sudo defaults delete \
    /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

(Thanks Cliff!)

After getting off the beta, I then cleared the Software Update catalog with:

$ sudo softwareupdate --clear-catalog
Changed catalog to Apple production

(Thanks franz!)

As I did that the App Store settings in System Preferences immediately showed “No check for software updates has been done yet”. Launching the App Store refreshed the catalog and did not show the beta update.

mainly here to remind myself next time i do this

Chrome on Android: Data Saver

With Data Saver enabled, Chrome compresses the images and text you load, saving up to 60% of your data without changing the content you enjoy.

Source: Chrome on Android: Do more on every phone and network

GREAT another question for us to ask when debugging Android phones as why a customers content doesn’t look “right” on some phones.

Even your first example shows changed “content”,

Opentest – Easiest Screen Recording

The ultra-flexible communication tool with endless use cases

Source: Opentest – Elevating the product experience

World’s largest 1 Tbps DDoS Attack launched from 152,000 hacked Smart Devices



According to the OVH founder, the massive DDoS attack was carried out via a network of over 152,000 IoT devices that includes compromised CCTV cameras and personal video recorders.



Galen Framework | Automated testing of responsive design

Galen Framework is designed with responsivness in mind. It is easy to set up a test for different browser sizes. Galen just opens a browser, resizes it to a defined size and then tests the page according to specifications

Source: Galen Framework | Automated testing of responsive design

The downfall of Stereo Speakers

Source: Twitter

The Future of Declaration Files | TypeScript

Declaration files (.d.ts files) are a fundamental part of using existing JavaScript libraries in TypeScript, but getting them has always been a place where we’ve known there was room for improvement. As we get closer to TypeScript 2.0, we’re very excited to show off a sneak peak of our plan to simplify things. Getting type declarations in TypeScript 2.0 will require no tools apart from npm.

As an example, getting the declarations for a library like lodash will be just an npm command away:

npm install --save @types/lodash

From there you’ll be able to use lodash in your TypeScript code with no fuss. This works for both modules and global code.

Source: The Future of Declaration Files | TypeScript

iPhone Next: How iPhone 7 hints at next year’s breakthrough

Dual-lens cameras aren’t just for zoom photos. Two cameras mean depth sensing, 3D, and a lot more.

Apple’s Tim Cook keeps talking about augmented reality, this week saying it’s more important than virtual reality. A logical step for an upcoming iPhone with a dual-lens camera is to let the device scan the world and overlay 3D objects onto it with high accuracy.

Source: iPhone Next: How iPhone 7 hints at next year’s breakthrough – CNET

Microsoft Weaponizes Minecraft in the War Over Classrooms

“I would like it if what Microsoft had to say is that schools should be more like Minecraft, not that Minecraft should be more like a classroom,” said Chad Sansing, a web literacy curriculum developer at Mozilla and a former

Source: Microsoft Weaponizes Minecraft in the War Over Classrooms

Vectr – Free Online Vector Graphics Editor

Vectr is a free graphics editor used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. It’s a simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool to bring your designs into reality.

Source: Vectr – Free Online Vector Graphics Editor