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Shawn Lee

I currently work as a Developer for DoApp. I have been a developer and in charge of development teams for the past 30 years. I started programming when I was 9 years old on a little TS-1000 my dad bought me, I then moved up to an Apple IIe, Apple IIc, and then an Apple IIGS. In College I did work on Unix, Vax/VMS, and Sun systems. I was also able to help bring the internet to my college and student union as well as participate on the Gopher and Mosiac beta teams. I finally moved into the Windows world once Windows 95 was released and had a proper GUI, as well as maintaining my foot in the door with a Powebook 500. One of my first jobs after college had me doing graphic design back on Mac Quadra 800. I then moved into the world of the internet as a job which had me in all versions of Linux writing CGI and Perl in the beginning and then moving into early access to Netscape’s Server Side Javascript. My next move was I became CTO at ASI Associates an internet consulting company (now listed in the paleoweb internet museum) and we started doing a lot of work with Microsoft Classic ASP and had a close relationship with them due to us being one of the earliest creators of what became eCommerce software. I was also contracted at times out to big companies for my unique knowledge of PC, Mac, and Web. This was helpful for example on a project I worked on at Target in which they needed a workflow management system for their advertising department in which people were on all 3 of those systems… more later.


Sean Fox

The silver fox is elusive