NightOwl - DarkMode Menubar toggle

NightOwl - DarkMode Menubar toggle
Early on I installed the beta version of macOS Mojave on my MacBook, because I was looking forward to the dark mode. During testing I immediately noticed that every time I switch between dark and light design, I have to navigate to the settings with a lot of effort. At some point I thought:

"This has to be easier, a simpler solution has to be found".

The idea for NightOwl was born. At first I started to develop a simple menu bar app that allowed me to switch between the two modes. Since the small tool brought me a lot of added value, I thought that other users could also benefit from my app. I designed a suitable app icon and made the first version of NightOwl available for download.
🦉 NightOwl - toggle macOS Mojaves dark mode.
NightOwl is the perfect Menu Bar App for nocturnal people.