The Shift to Electric Vehicles

The Shift to Electric Vehicles

Some great quotes from this article: The Shift to Electric Vehicles Propels a Strike Against GM

“electric cars are disasters. They are evil. We are very nervous.”

the 3 stages of acceptance

Last year, a study by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO found that by 2030, a moderate shift to electric propulsion could leave 75,000 Germans out of work—even accounting for the creation of 25,000 new jobs. That’s because batteries and motors are far simpler machines than internal combustion engines, and require a few hundred parts instead of a few thousand. That’s the same reason maintenance costs for EVs are so low—a problem for dealerships that rely on servicing cars for profits. Fewer parts mean fewer people.

they break less, we hate them

"Of course, electric cars aren’t the only, or the first, automotive trend limiting the demand for auto workers. The industry has become more efficient and streamlined in building all kinds of cars, says Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer. Vehicles are simpler and automakers now share more parts between makes and models. Brauer notes the shift from carburetors to fuel injectors made for simpler mechanics—and fewer hours of work on each vehicle. “EVs are just another step,” he says."

so it's not actually EVs fault, its us wanting more efficient cars that don't break.