Internet 3.0 is really just us making MANY MANY giant virtual junk drawers.
This is why they are pushing AI/ML so hard, to help us manage our junk.

Spotify has started rolling out an unlimited library experience, meaning they're removing the (10k song) limit on saved items in a user's library!

Recognize it’s not really about email
According to  Allen, email overload is only a symptom of a larger issue: a lack of  clear and effective protocols. If your organization has ambiguous  decision-making processes and people don’t get what they need from their  colleagues, they’ll flood the system with email and meeting requests.  People then get mired down in their backlog, which leads to even more  email and meeting requests from frustrated co-workers trying to follow  up.
Stop Email Overload
Complaints about email abound. Perhaps you’ve heard some of these or uttered them in pain yourself: I receive hundreds of emails a day. I can spend my whole day responding to incoming messages. I can’t find anything in my inbox. In response, some companies are taking drastic steps to help workers ma…